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The wood pigeon is a cousin of the feral pigeon, and a member of the pigeon and dove family.

The adult woodpigeon grows to about 41cm long. It has a white patch on its neck which looks like a shirt collar. It has grey feathers on its head, back and wings and it has a mauve breast. It has a long grey tail, an orange beak and small black eyes.

The wood pigeon is a vegetarian. They eat bread, peanuts, ivy berries, acorns, weed seed and oats. Brown bread is healthier but they can also eat white bread. In the summer they feed on cereals,potatoes,beans,peas and greens.

The wood pigeon is common in urban areas, often visiting gardens and parks. It makes its nest in woods, parks or gardens, using twigs, sticks and dirt. They seem to prefer trees near roads and rivers.
It is a very common bird across Ireland and Britain.

The wood pigeon makes a loud clattering sound with it's wings when it is taking off. It perches well on branches.
When it is trying to attract a mate it walks along a horizontal branch with swelled neck, lowered wings, and fanned tail.
When the wood pigeon walks it nods it's head in a very distinctive manner.
This pigeon also has a very recognisable call, in a repeated pattern - hoo, hoooo, hoo...hoo, hoo

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