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The starling has a sharp beak. It is brownish black, but it has oily feathers so it sometimes looks greenish-blue. It has a speckled breast and back.

The starling likes to eat bread, apples, insects, peanuts, oats and bird seeds. Brown bread is the best for birds. They also eat bird suet.

Starlings are common in urban areas, and are frequent visitors to gardens and parks.

Starlings like to fly in groups. A group of starlings is called a "murmuration".They are very lively birds and are some of the noisiest birds to visit the garden in winter. Starlings can do a variety of calls and are talented at mimicing other calls.
Starlings feed mainly on insects, but will willingly visit your bird table and bird feeders. They can be very aggressive towards the smaller birds, the sparrows and tits and the large numbers of starlings visiting your garden often frightens away some of the smaller visitors.

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