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The robin is a common garden bird. It is a member of the thrush family.

Appearance:It is a very small bird. The robin is 14-15 cm long. The robin has a bright red face and breast, just like on a Christmas card. It also has a white belly and eye ring. It has a small and strong beak. It also has brown wings. It has a grey and white belly. The robin is fatter in the winter.

Diet:The robin loves to eat bread. Brown is better than white. It also loves to eat worms, bird seeds and fruits, e.g.apples, berries. The robin drinks water.

Habitat:The robin can live in parks and gardens around Ireland. It builds it's nest in trees and bushs, or it likes nest boxes.The robin is very common around Ireland and Great Britain.

Behaviour:The robin often hops around and sometimes runs too! The robin is very fast at running!! It also sings a lovely tune. Its like a lovely whistle song. The male robin sings the loveliest song to attract the female. Sometimes the robin sings in the night!The robin can live in parks, trees, bushes and gardens. It can be seen in the countryside and in cities. The robin can be seen in Ireland and Great Britian
It is a friendly bird. It often hops around when gardeners are working.

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