A pair of mallard ducks from the Dargle River in Bray.

Classification:The mallard duck is a water bird. A baby duck is called a duckling.

Appearance:The male mallard duck has a green head, an orange beak and orange legs, brown and white wings and a blue patch on its wing. The female mallard duck has brown and white speckled feathers. She also has a brown and orange beak.

Diet:The mallard duck is a vegetarian. The mallard duck eats water weeds, bread and scraps. Brown bread is healthier than white bread but they can still eat it.

Habitat:The mallard duck lives on land and swims in the water. It builds it's nest in the reeds.

Behaviour:The mallard duck has webbed feet to help it swim, but this means it waddles when it walks. It is a good flyer, and it skims over the water when it is landing.