The magpie is a common member of the crow family.

Appearance:The magpie is a distinctive, noisy, black, white and bird with a long tail. At close range the black patches show green and purple iridescent gloss. The magpie is around forty-five cm long. A mature magpie weighs around 200-250 grams.

They are a common garden bird in Ireland and can be often seen on roofs of houses, in the park, in woods or in forests.

Diet:The magpie eats young birds or small birds such as robins, tits, wrens, and finches or eggs of other birds and rarely insects. They also eat berries, fruit, nuts, peas, grain, even large table scraps. Like other crows the magpie often buries surplus food to eat later on.

Behaviour: Juvenile magpies leave the nest at three or four weeks old. Its call is noisy and completely distinctive. Chacha chacha chack is the magpie's song call. Magpies are often seen in pairs or small groups. They like to bury shiny, metal objects and along with the jackdaw has a largely reputation as a jewel thief.

Other Interesting Facts: