Here are the different ways you can ID a bird using one of them or all of them together.
Ways to Identify a Bird
Bird watchers can identify many species from just a quick look. You can do this in three ways:
  • by becoming familiar with the general shape, color, and behavior of birds
  • by keeping a running tally in your head of what kinds of birds are most likely to be seen in your location and time of year
  • by looking at field-marks. (Field marks are the distinctive stripes, spots, patterns, colors, and highlights that birds have.)

We took all these photos in Bray. How many birds can you name?

The following list of links will direct you to a range of useful bird identification resources. Looking through these sites, you will learn all about how to identify the birds you see around you.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - Bird Identifier

Use this interactive bird identifier to work out what bird you saw. The identifier includes all the wild birds you're likely to see in the UK. Enter a few details about the bird and the identifier will suggest what it could have been. It's quick, easy and fun! Click on the logo to go to the website.

Building Bird Identification Skills

This is a great website that gives details on the keys to identification. Lots of information here, and very easy to use.

Bird Identification Course

Click on the link to the right to do a short course for beginning to intermediate birders that is guaranteed to raise your skill level in less than 10 minutes.
Click on the image to go to the website.

Bird Identification Visual Key

This identification key is based on birds in Idaho in the US. However, it may still give you some useful information when looking at and trying to observe birds.
Visual Key for Bird IdentificationClick on the above link to go to the identification key.