Sometimes it can be difficult to see a bird clearly. They are small, very fast and don't always like to be around people. Attracting birds to our backyards gives us much nicer views of them and, when done properly, makes life easier for the birds.

To help you develop your bird identification skills it's a good idea to attract birds closer to you. This makes it easier to watch the birds, observe their behaviour, and identify their different features and markings.

This section looks at different ways that you can attract birds closer to you.

  • Feeding birds

  • Nest boxes

  • Nesting materials

  • Bird baths

  • Creating bird habitats

Website links:

How to Attract Birds to your Yard......................

This site has plenty of suggestions and ideas for how to attract birds in your own back garden. Some of them are very simple and some are quite complicated. Something for everyone.

Working with Birds around your School

Birdwatch Ireland have developed some really great ideas and projects for working with birds around the school. Something suitable for every level.


Gardening for Birds

Downloadable factsheets on how you can create a bird-friendly space in your garden.